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Win Free Earphones Contest!

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Create an original image that includes ALL 3 elements:

1) The likeness of Jessica Lerner

2) The words “Jessica Lerner”

3) The “Ultimate Ears” logo

Then, upload an image of your creation to Jessica Lerner’s Facebook page (Facebook.com/OfficialJessicaLerner) AND to Ultimate Ears’s Facebook page (Facebook.com/UltimateEarsPro)  You must “Like” both Facebook pages to be eligible.   Your creation can be drawn, painted, computer generated, made out of pasta, objects, in creative places — anything goes.  The more creative your composition, the better your chance to WIN!

The winners will be selected based on how well they feature the required elements of the picture and your creativity.  To gain extra points towards winning, have your friends comment and “Like” your submission on either Facebook page.  Jessica will notice a picture that’s drawing (no pun intended) lots of attention! The top six applicants will receive a pair of UE 350 headphones valued at $59.99. http://ue.logitech.com/en-us/earphones/ue350

Open to all ages.  This is an international contest.

The deadline to have your picture uploaded is midnight on September 30, 2013.

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